Stain Removal Methods for Home and Clothes Step by Step

Remove Stains Like Blood, Wax, Carpet Stains and Food Stains

There’s an array of tips and tricks that work well for removing stains from clothing, fabrics and carpeting.

A stain can easily ruin a favorite pair or pants, shirt, jacket or other clothing item, while spilled food, drink, chewing gum or even candle wax can stain and ruin carpeting or a rug.

Stain Removal Methods

The following stain removal tips are helpful for just about anyone, whether it’s a parent of child who stains clothing with food, drink or gum, or a clumsy adult who spills wine on the rug or knocks over a candle, spilling hot wax on the carpet.

#1 How to Remove Food Stains from Clothing and Fabric

It’s simple to remove most fresh food stains from clothing. Immediately after the clothing is stained with food, it’s best to flush the stained area with cold running water.

Avoid trying to wipe the food off the fabric, as this will only serve to spread the stain on the fabric.

Run cold water over the stained fabric and scrub the fibers by folding the fabric and rubbing the two sides together.

The sooner the stain is rinsed from the fabric, the better the chances for successful stain removal; allowing the area to dry will make cleaning the fabric exponentially more difficult.

#2 How to Remove Blood Stains From Fabric and Clothing

To remove blood stains from fabric, begin by rinsing the fabric with cold water. Then, mix 1 teaspoon of salt for every 500 mL of cold water in a bowl.

Soak the fabric in the water for 30 minutes and then scrub the blood stain with a gentle scrub brush.

For more stubborn stains involving a blood stain that’s dried on the fabric, clean the stain by mixing 1 part hydrogen peroxide (the strongest concentration available, usually 20 volume) with 9 parts cold water.

Perform a spot test on the fabric and then soak the blood stained fabric in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes.

Follow by scrubbing the blood stain with a gentle scrub brush to remove any remaining traces of the blood stain.

#3 How to Remove Stains From a Carpet (liquid)

To remove a carpet stain caused by liquid, the first step involves blotting the stained area with absorbent paper towels. Never rub the stain, as this will only cause it to spread.

Paper towels are preferred, as they are more absorbent than towels or rags.

Place paper towels over the stain and apply pressure to blot up the liquid that’s spilled on the carpet.

Continue this process until the paper towels no longer absorb any fluid from the carpet.

Note that near the end of the blotting process, stain removal is most successful if a large amount of pressure is used for blotting the soiled carpet; standing on the paper towels is one way to apply this pressure.

Once blotting is complete, pour ice cold water on the carpet stain to “flood” the stain. Repeat the blotting process as mentioned above.

Conclude with a product like Resolve Stain Remover for carpets.

Follow the directions for the particular stain removal product, which often consist of saturating the rug with the stain removal spray, followed by scrubbing and then blotting or allowing the product to air dry.

#4 How to Remove Wax From Fabrics and Clothing

It’s fairly simple to remove wax from clothing and fabrics such as a table cloth. Begin by placing the wax stained fabric or clothing item in the freezer for 1 hour; this will harden the wax, making removal easier.

Once the wax has hardened, use the dull side of a butter knife to scrape the wax off the fabric.

Scraping toward the center of the spilled or dripped wax will prevent spreading of the wax stain.

For any remaining wax on clothing or fabric items, sandwich the wax stained fabric or clothing between two brown paper lunch bags and then apply heat with the iron.

This wax blotting method will remove the wax from the fabric, causing it to adhere to the paper bags.

In some cases with drips or spills involving colored candle wax, the wax removal process will be successful, but a stain may be left behind from the dyes in the wax.

Remove discoloration from a wax stain by soaking the fabric in kerosene for 20 minutes, followed by a rinse in warm, soapy water. Always spot-test fabrics before using any product or chemical as a stain removal method.

#5 More Stain Removal Tips

When attempting to remove a stain from clothing, it’s best to treat and clean the area before the liquid or other substance dries (the exception is candle wax and chewing gum, both of which should be frozen and hardened before removal is attempted).

Care should also be taken to avoid spreading the stain; always avoid rubbing or wiping when attempting to clean the area.

Instead, opt to blot the stain or rinse/flush the soiled carpet or fabric as possible after the staining occurs.

In addition, many stain removal methods require the use of chemicals or stain remover products. Before using a chemical or product, always perform a spot test for colorfastness and possible damage to delicate fabrics.



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