Spring Cleaning Bathroom: Step-by-Step Guide to a Spotless Bathroom

Many people take advantage of the warmer weather at the beginning of spring to air out the house and tackle some of the larger jobs around the home. It is a good time to get annual jobs done and give the house a clear out ready for the activity of summer.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom

While it is certainly best to give bathrooms a thorough cleaning more regularly, annual spring cleaning can be a good time to really look at all aspects of the room and ensure that everything is unsoiled and in good repair.

#1 Decluttering the Bathroom

Before beginning, take a moment to clear all surfaces and remove all towels, handtowels and bathmats from the bathroom. Gather up all bathroom paraphernalia – toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos etc and place in a single container so that every part of the bathroom can be wiped over. Give the tub, shower, sink and toilet their usual weekly clean.

#2 Ceilings, Walls and Exhaust Fans

Check all areas for signs of mould. Wipe over painted walls with sugar soap. If painting bathroom walls and ceiling, be sure to use a moisture-resistant paint specifically designed for bathrooms.

Clean tiles and grout with bleach or a preferred bathroom cleaning product. Most dedicated exhaust fans have covers held in place by a couple of screws.

Remove the cover and clean with hot soapy water. Check the fan for dust, which can be removed with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Three-in-one light, heating and fan units can be wiped over with a damp cloth. If a more detailed clean is required, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

#3 Windows, Curtains and Blinds

Remove curtains and hand or machine wash. Wash windows with window cleaner or vinegar, then dry immediately with scrunched up newspaper. Wipe over blinds with a duster and check that all mechanisms are clean and functioning.

#4 Medicine Cabinet and Vanity

Empty out the medicine cabinet and all drawers in the vanity unit. Check use-by dates on cosmetics and medical products. Dispose of any items that are empty or have not been used recently. Wipe out all shelves and drawers.

Clean mirrors with window cleaner, dry with newspaper and wipe over with glycerin to prevent fogging.

Replace all towels and hand towels with fresh ones. Check rubber bath mats for mould, and soak in a bleach solution.

Purchase new toilet brushes and cleaning cloths, and ensure that all regularly used bathroom cleaning products are well-stocked.

Once the bathroom is spotless, set up a bathroom cleaning plan ensuring a much simpler job next spring.



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