Household Organizing Tips for Large Families

Household Organizing Tips for Large Families: Helpful Ideas for Getting Organized

By taking the time for home organizing now, homemakers can save precious time for later.

Household Organizing Tips

Keeping a large family organized can present many challenges, especially once school starts. Sorting through clutter to find things when needed adds undue stress to anyone’s life. Better organization helps everyone in the family know where things can be found quickly.

Organizing Shoes and Clothes

With large families the numbers of shoes, jackets and everyday clothes is challenging to keep up with. If family members remove their shoes at the door, it is helpful to have a storage bin for shoes located there.

When shoes are quickly kicked off, it may be difficult to find the match early in the morning on the way to school. Have each family member pair up their shoes and place them in a shoe bin or cubby that is close to the door.

Closets and drawers often become unorganized and overfull; or worse yet, practically empty with no clothes that fit to be found. As children outgrow clothes, immediately move them out of drawers and closets.

If other children in the house cannot wear them later, decide on a charitable organization to donate these clothes to. Make a point to regularly visit the charity for donations. This will offer a tax break and keep clothes and shoes that are not needed out of the way.

Organizing Mail and Paperwork

Children can bring home a lot of paperwork and artwork from school. With this paper work along daily mail, the pile of paperwork can look daunting very quickly. Resolve to go through the children’s paperwork each day and determine what needs to be kept and what can be discarded.

If keeping paperwork or artwork for a child, put the ‘keepers’ in a plastic bin dedicated to that child.

This will allow for easy access later or this can be box of memories that builds over time. This also prevents all of the paperwork to build up in to unmanageable stacks within days.

Sort through mail daily to keep the amount of mail manageable and ensure nothing important is missed. Quickly discard or recycle the junk mail and mail that is not needed.

Create a folder for bills to be paid and another folder for mail to be filed or kept. If only filing a few times a year, that is okay. Simply get a bin or basket to create the file pile for later filing.

The trick to getting and staying organized is to get to the paperwork quickly and keep up with the daily influx.

Have plastic bins ready for each child’s work and have a space set aside for storage that is easily accessible. Keep folders for bills and other paperwork handy, but always in the same place.

Miscellaneous Household Organization Tips

Household organization is easy to keep up with once everyone in the family knows where everything goes and actively participates. Determine what items should have a designated place, like keys, book bags, a purse or anything else that is used every day.

By placing your keys or other important items in the same place everyday, time wasted on searching for misplaced items will be greatly reduced.

Keep one or two larger decorative baskets or bins in the family room or kitchen area so family members can quickly store things they are currently using, like magazines, games, books, or electronic toys.

This will keep the room clutter free and everyone will know where to find the things they use most often.

Home organization does not have to take long or involve complicated planning. If every member of the household participates, less time will be spent searching through piles of paper and other clutter to find what is needed.

By implementing some quick organization techniques more time will be available for other family activities.



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