Home Budget Saving Tips : Strategies for Saving Money Each Month

Home Budget Saving Tips: Ways to Keep Household Costs Lower

There are many ways to lower costs around the home. Some of these are better known than others. Here are some common ones and some not-so-common ones.

Home Budget Saving Tips

Most people want to save on household expenses. There are some simple things that can be done around the house to cut down on everyday costs, and they really require no effort, just a little foresight and some thought.

Budget Saving through Water Conservation

Cutting down on the costs of using water can save significant amounts over the long term. Water is paid for, and seems cheap. But the power to pump the water is also used, so any water conservation is a double saver! And it’s good for the environment, too.

  • Always wash as large a load of laundry as possible. This does save on water and power. It also can save on soap and labour. It’s much easier and less labour intensive to do one large load, rather than several small loads.
  • Shower conservatively. Long showers waste water; baths are bad, too! Taking quick showers saves water and time. Don’t shower every day unless it’s an absolute necessity, as this also wastes water. And it’s bad for the skin. Showering every day can dry the skin, which requires more money to be spent in creams and lotions.
  • Water lawns only when necessary. Always water in the evening, when the sun is cooler. Don’t over water. And make sure the water only goes on the lawn itself.
  • Use a plug when washing dishes. This saves on dishwater and makes the use of soap more effective, thus saving even more in the long run.

Reducing Electricity Costs

This is fairly easy to conserve. There are many things in the house that we don’t’ really think about on a regular basis that can save electricity, thus the money associated with that. And it’s another green habit to conserve electricity!

  • Never turn on a light unless it’s necessary. When possible, open a drape in order to get light into a room. That being said keep drapes closed as much as possible in hot weather to keep a house cooler. This saves on the electricity used for fans and/or air conditioning.
  • Turn off lights whenever leaving a room! Every second costs. Don’t use it if it isn’t needed.
  • Turn off and unplug vampire appliances. These are those items that always draw a little bit of power, whether it is for clocks, standby mode, and other little used features. The vampires can draw a lot of power over time.
  • Don’t leave the computer on! Computers actually draw a fair bit of electricity, and one can even cost as much as $7.00 per month (that’s a 2015 figure, it may be more now), just for the extra amount of time it is on, but not used.

Savings on Heating and Cooling

These are other areas that cost a lot. Keeping a house well insulated can save significant dollars over the long term.

Government programs may also be available to help upgrade older homes to make them more energy efficient (check with the local energy board, as they often have this information available for free. Also check government web sites).



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