3 Ideas to Turn a Cluttered Closet into an Organized Closet

Closet Organization Tips: Turn a Cluttered Closet into an Organized Closet with These Tips

Without the right closet organization system, closets can quickly become cluttered, messy and out of control.

Cluttered Closet

Keeping things organized in home closets is sometimes challenging, but with the right organization system in place, organization is within reach. Even with limited space, home closet organization is possible and can make small spaces seem to expand with little effort.

#1 Donate Unused Clothing

Before putting any organization system in place, take the time to clear out the things that are not used any longer. As a general rule, if clothes have not been worn for over a year, chances are good they will not be worn again.

Find a worthy charitable organization and donate old clothes and clothes that no longer fit. This will free up space and offer the opportunity for a tax break.

#2 Use Shelving for More Space

If an expensive closet organization system is out of reach, installing some simple shelves in the closet can be just as effective.

Shelves will offer access to vertical space that was unused previously.

Once shelves are installed, use the uppermost space for infrequently used items, like formal shoes, blankets or out of season clothing.

Adjustable shelves can be used for folded sweaters and shoes.

#3 Low Cost Closet Organization Tips

So many companies have jumped on to the closet organization bandwagon and now offer low cost solutions for closet organization for all closet sizes.

Rubbermaid offers low-cost solutions for closet organization systems that are easily installed and highly customizable.

Many stores offer wire rack shelving that is low cost and easy to configure.

Two levels of hanging rods will expand the area available for hanging clothes. Consider using the same type of hangars for hanging clothes.

Different sizes and shapes of hangars take up more space than needed.

Donate Unused Clothing

Using the same shape and style of hangar will allow for stacking hanging clothes and consolidating space. As clothes are pulled off of hangars, move the empty hangars to another spot.

This will prevent single hangars floating around all over the closet.

Keep items that are used most frequently within easy reach. Jeans, t-shirts and everyday wear should be easy to access.

Drawers or shelves may be most effective for this type of clothing so hangars are not constantly pulled out and left empty.

Keeping closets organized is just a small part of overall household organization. With a little effort, closet space can be maximized and closet clutter will be a thing of the past.

Reclaim closet space by taking a few hours to get rid of old and unworn clothes and organize what is used most often.

Organization techniques for closets can be low cost and highly effective. Take the time now to get household closets in order and organized.


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