Best Vacuum Cleaner for stairs 2018 – Top 7 List & Buyer’s Guide

The Best Vacuum for stairs should be selected very carefully so that you will be able to clean stairs without any difficulty. The dust and dirt should be removed from every nook and corner of stairs in a very efficient way.

If you go through the reviews, you will be able to choose the best vacuum for stairs. The vacuum cleaner should be lightweight and it should come with various kinds of accessories.

The vacuum cleaner should come with a crevice tool and a hose. With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can clean stairs very easily.

Top 7 Vacuum Cleaners comparison

NO.NameBrandWeight (pounds)Dimension (inch)Read Review
1Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum
15 x 7 x 7Read Review
2Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
10 x 5 x 8Read Review
3Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum cleaner
16.2 x 10.9 x 11.8Read Review
4BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum
18.6 x 11.1 x 11.5Read Review
5Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Corded Bagged
Dirt Devil
8.7 x 12.5 x 6.8Read Review
6Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum
10 x 5 x 8Read Review
7Hoover UH70400 WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Corded
13.8 x 11.2 x 34.2Read Review

#1 Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

Eureka EasyClean Hand-held Vacuum ReviewThe Eureka EasyClean hand-held vacuum cleaner comes with 20-foot long cord. The vacuum cleaner offers good reach. It has two motors to facilitate easy suction.

You can take advantage of deep cleaning with the 5.5 amp power supply. It can be used to clean cars and small spaces.

You can use it for cleaning upholstery with the help of Riser Visor nozzle.

The stairs can be cleaned in the horizontal and vertical direction in a very efficient way.

The brush rolls are used to pick up the dust from base floors and rugs. You can take advantage of quick and comprehensive cleaning with the help of Eureka EasyClean.

The power switch can be turned on and off very easily with the fingertip controls.

The cord wrap facilitates easy storage. If the brush cannot roll into smaller places, you can use the crevice tool. The unit comes with washable dust cap.

You will not want to purchase replacement caps as it comes with washable dust cap. The cleaning path is 6 inches and the weight of the unit is 4.8 lbs. You can take advantage of 1-year warranty on the product.

#2 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Pet Vacuum Handheld ReviewThe corded vacuum cleaner from Bissell can deal with various kinds of surfaces including upholstery, auto, and stairs.

It comes with multi-layer filtration. The handheld vacuum uses the cyclonic cleaning system. It has a 16-ft power cord.

The specialized rubber nozzle has the capacity to attract hair and it will pull dust from extreme corners as well in a very efficient manner.

The product is designed to remove the pet hair very quickly. The cyclonic cleaning system and multi-level filtration system will enhance the efficient operation of the unit.

The product comes with two specially designed nozzles. The power rating of the vacuum cleaner is 4 amps. The weight of the unit is 5 lbs.

The bagless vacuum cleaner comes with contour nozzle and hard nozzle tools. The product can pick the dry mess in a very efficient way on many surfaces.

As the weight of the product is very low, it can be used in various locations around the house without any issues. The vacuum cleaner comes with a one-year limited warranty. You can switch it on and off very easily with the help of fingertip-access.

#3 BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum cleaner

Bissell Zing bagless vacuum reviewsThe zing rewind bagless canister vacuum cleaner features cyclonic action and it offers powerful suction as well.

You will not want to use bags so that there will not be any expenses towards the purchase of bags. The vacuum cleaner can be used to clean carpets as well as hard floors without any issues.

The product implements three-stage filtration system. Fine dust particles are collected with the help of dirt cup filters and post-motor filter. As filters can be washed, you can reuse them without any issues.

The product comes with easy empty dirty cap, combination crevice tool, automatic cord rewind feature and air flow regulator. The product is light in weight.

Hence, you can travel on steps very easily and it comes with a carrying handle. The dirt can be captured with the help of extension wand or combination crevice tool. The weight of the product is 11.2 pounds.

The unit has the power to deliver goods in a very efficient manner. It has outstanding suction power and you can consider it as a value for money product. The life of the filters is extended as they can be washed.

The automatic retracting cord facilitates easy operation.

#4 BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122 – Corded

Zing bagged canister vacuum 4122The Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning floors and rugs. The product is compact in size and it is made with lightweight materials.

You can utilize the product to clean carpets as well as hard floors in a very efficient manner.

The comfortable features offered by the product include telescoping wand, variable suction control, automatic cord rewind and full bag indicator.

The carpet brush should be engaged on the floor nozzle when the vacuum cleaner is being used on carpets. The unit is light so that you can manage various maneuvers in a very efficient way.

The cleaning tasks are accomplished in an effortless manner with the help of the Bissel zing bagged canister vacuum cleaner. You can clean carpet, rugs and bare floors very easily with the help of the vacuum cleaner.

You can switch from carpet cleaning to hard floors with the flip of a switch. The cord will rewind with the press of a button. If you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, the unit can be assembled very easily.

The unit has wheels so that you can roll it as per your convenience.

#5 Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum M08230RED

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum CleanerThe Dirt Devil hand vacuum cleaner comes with a motorized brush. It can lift pet hair as well in a perfect way. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean stairs, upholstery and car interiors.

The unit is handy to perform cleaning task at various locations in a very efficient manner.

You can achieve powerful suction with the help of the 4 amp motor.

Very hard-to-reach spaces can be managed in a very efficient way with the help of Crevice tool with a stretch hose.

The unit comes with the MicroFresh bagged filtration. You can change cleaning modes rapidly with the help of crevice tool and hose.

The tightest spaces can be cleaned with the help of the vacuum cleaner and you can use it for cleaning floors and furniture as well.

The 20-foot cable facilitates easy cleaning without unplugging the cable. You can manage a large cleaning radius. The weight of the product is 5 pounds.

The cord strap facilitates easy storage so that there will be great satisfaction. You should not use this vacuum cleaner to deal with long strands of human hair.

The product is ideal for cleaning stairs on the hard floor as well as on carpet.

#6 Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51

Bissell Cleanview Handheld Vacuum ReviewThe lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner, Bissell Cleanview Deluxe delivers excellent power with its 4 amp motor. The unit has curved carrying handle and it has a power switch on the end.

The 18-foot power cord facilitates easy movement. You can remove the dust very easily with the dust cap.

There will be reduction in allergens with the efficient usage of the multi-level filtration. The accessories presented with the vacuum cleaner include rubber contour nozzle, 2-foot hose, wide mouth tool, crevice tool and hose-adapter nozzle.

You can take advantage of the one-year limited warranty extended by the manufacturer.

The everyday mess can be cleaned very quickly with the Bissell vacuum cleaner. The best features of the unit are powerful suction, dirt container, flexible rubber nozzle, and cleaning attachments.

You can accomplish cleaning at hard-to-reach areas in a very efficient manner. The dirt will be collected in large container and you can clear the cup very easily.

The overall weight of the unit is 5 pounds. Hence, you can do maneuvers very easily with the vacuum cleaner.

#7 Hoover UH70400 WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Corded Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH70400 reviewsThe weight of the product, Hoover UH70400 is 12 pounds. The unit can be used to clean upstairs and downstairs very easily.

The debris present on the surface will be removed with the help of the wind tunnel technology.

You can release the handle in one touch and you can accomplish the above floor cleaning very easily.

A large room can be vacuumed very easily with the help of the 30-feet power cord. The product comes with 3-in-1 combination tool, 8-foot stair hose, and 30” extension wand.

You can recline the handle to the floor to accomplish the cleaning task in a very efficient way.

The cleaning task can be completed without rearranging the room. There will not be any mess with the bagless design. As you push the button, the dirt cup will be emptied.

You can go through the user manual so that it is possible to understand the features and the vacuum cleaner can be used very efficiently.

If you empty the canister regularly, the life of the product is very much enhanced. If the contents are removed properly, it will not lead to overheating.


It will not be a challenging task to pick the right kind of best vacuum cleaner for stairs when you are aware of the important features.

The handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs will let you make the most of your investment. You can move the vacuum cleaner very easily when it is made with lightweight materials.

Stairs are hard to clean and they take a long time. Hence, you should choose a portable vacuum cleaner which can suck dirt from every small corner very easily.

The brush roll on/off feature, attachments and cordless facility will give you great flexibility.

How to choose best vacuum for stairs?

Did you know that stairs need more attention than other flooring? Just like you would not use the same vacuum cleaner for cleaning the bed that you use on the floor, stair case needs more accurate cleaning. No, it is not only about the basic hygiene.

best vacuum for stairs

Why use stair vacuum cleaners?

Often while spring cleaning, people miss out on cleaning the stairs. This makes them the biggest contributor to disease spreading germs.

Stairs demand a more thorough cleaning and must not share the same vacuum cleaners. Clearing the stairs demands a more precise cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners fail in the attempt of cleaning the stairs completely. This is because many of them leave or miss out on areas as well as spots all over the stairs and its carpet.

While cleaning the carpet and the sharp corners of stairs, there many things people overlook. A thorough cleaning for deep seated dirt can be attained only by the adequate vacuum cleaner.

Read on for guidance on what to look for while purchasing a cleaner specifically for stairs.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Weight – this is a big factor to keep in mind. Cleaning the stairs with a heavy machine in hand is a hefty work to do. As a matter of fact, while cleaning the stair with a vacuum cleaner, it is more beneficial if the weight of it is negligible. This is something you may want to try the next time you choose a cleaner. A heavy machine is surely going to put a lot of unwanted strain on your body muscles. Prolong cleaning of stairs with heavy vacuum cleaners may even lead to the development of medical conditions such as spondylitis.
  • Warranty – you may genuinely over look this factor. However, this is not specific to only cleaners that you will be using for stairs. Rather, this must be applicable for every machine that you make a purchase of for cleaning. Being involved with the cleaning of dirt, there are many chances of the cleaner giving trouble to its owner.
  • Hose or no hose – the design of a vacuum cleaner A cleaner that is portable and can be used with a single hand is much more efficient for cleaning the small corners. Stairs have sharp edged corners that you can easily miss out while vacuuming. So while many may prefer the hose or stick shape when it comes to vacuum cleaners, it is really not helpful at all. However, if you are still going for the hose models, then just make sure that the hoses attached have various modification methods.
  • Stair tool – this is something that many cleaners display. This is a custom made design which lets you clean the stairs effectively without wasting a lot of power. Hence, this saves money. Most of the hand vacuum cleaners display this feature, and you can easily use it to clean the tiny shafts.

Above listed points are very important determinants. If these are observed, you could end up with a perfect stair cleaner. Apart than these specific factors, look for the other obvious factors such as money, energy consumption, and even brand name. The last factor is only for those who are specific about brand names.

Follow these factors, and get your hands on the best vacuum cleaner of all time!

How to care and maintain the vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is a great means to keep your home clean and free from allergens. However, you should not forget to maintain the vacuum cleaner in good condition so that it will not become a source of allergens.

There are various brands and models available in the market. Before placing an order, you should be aware of the features and the maintenance aspects of the vacuum cleaner.

The tips offered by experts can be followed so that you can maintain the vacuum cleaner in a very efficient way.

  • The brush roll should be cleaned at regular intervals. As you use the vacuum cleaner on regular basis, it will attract hair, string, and floss and it will prevent the spinning as well. The foreign objects can be removed while the roll is in place. You are advised to follow the instructions as per the manufacturer.
  • The brush roll will be kept in place with the help of the belt. If you find that the belt is not tight enough, it should be replaced at the earliest. The replacement of the belt should be done as per the usage.
  • The bag should be replaced at regular intervals. You will not want to wait until the bag is full. It can be emptied quite often so that the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner will be high.
  • The bag should be attached properly. If you are doing the job for the first time, you might find it difficult to attach the bag. The bag should be opened carefully and it should be attached as per the instructions. If the bag is not properly attached, it will fill inside of the vacuum cleaner. You should buy the correct bags as well so that there will be great efficiency.
  • If you are using a bagless model, it should be emptied quite often. You are advised to empty the bag even if it has not reached the red line. In some cases, you should clean the debris collection portion with water so that the waste will be removed completely.
  • The filters present in the vacuum cleaner will improve the air quality. It is very much important to clean those filters and they should be replaced at regular intervals. You should empty the hoses as well if large objects are trapped inside the hose.

If there are major issues with the vacuum cleaner, you should get it repaired with the help of trained technicians. As you consult the authorized dealer, you will get best service and support.


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